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My passion is to help leaders to support their team to think more clearly, connect more compassionately, act more response-ably and live more joyfully!

In 2000, after a first career in education, I began to keenly focus my attention on what is needed to raise children who thrive, and this led me to the realisation that the same values and principles undergird all meaningful and worthwhile relationships, within the home, the workplace and society at large. This matters because ultimately the businesses that thrive are the ones that build positive relationships, and serve the needs of their people.

I am an Author, Online Course Presenter, Masterclass Facilitator, International Speaker, Accredited Coach,  and I offer Reflective Practiv ce (aka SuperVision) to coaches and other professionals in the caring sectors. 

I’d love you to experience my easy-to-follow resources. If you are a team leader or a parent, I can help you to connect more compassionately, live more joyfully and activate your inner wisdom. 

Watch: In Defence of the Naughty Child – Understanding Sensory Sensitivity | Val Mullally | TEDxWexford

Think More Clearly

As a leader in supporting children / families, don’t you want your team to be clear thinking and innovative – making a difference in children lives and in community?   

Discover how to keep yourself and your team on TRAKC © .


Connect More Compassionately

This  is the Sensory Smart approach  – helping you understand and respond when children’s stressed behaviour is misinterpreted as ‘misbehaviour’. 

Every leader is challenged when differences of opinion and conflict rock the boat. 

Learn how to support your team to work collaboratively and connect, so that, even with different personalities, everyone’s needs are met and relationships flow smoothly and harmoniously. 


Act More Response-Ably

What does a leader do when people ignore limits, don’t pull their weight or burn themselves out trying to please others? 

You want your team to be cooperative and yet to keep their own unique individuality, resourcefulness and the imagination that sparks performance, creativity, and innovation. I can help you work together as a team, so that each person can enjoy their work, shine in their unique way, give huge value to those they serve and make a difference in the world.

Live More Joyfully

Has life become a never-ending grind, where stress seems to dominate and overwhelm?  

Whatever field you’re in, each one of us has only one life to live, and relationships matter, if we want to prosper. 

Discover how to stay true to your values, and create the balance that enables you and your team to live with passion, fulfilment and enjoyment. 



“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance and order and rhythm and harmony.”

Thomas Merton


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"Val’s ability to listen non-judgementally and ask key questions that expand your thinking are some of her many gifts as a supervisor. Her vast education and experience in the field is appropriately referenced to great effect. I am so thankful to have had the honuor of working with Val and owe a lot of my success in developing my coaching skills to her. I would highly recommend her."
"Val Mullally has been my motivational coach throughout the visioning and development of my business, EGB Soulpreneurs. Val’s coaching enabled me to transform my nugget of an idea into a viable and thriving business, through her challenging me to think bigger, be more creative and use my existing skills and talents in new and innovative ways. She also supported me to develop new skills particularly in the area of social media and online coaching and supervision. I regularly return to Val for coaching as my business continues to expand and I venture into new areas and explore new possibilities."
"Val has been a resident blogger and parenting expert for MyKidsTime for some years now, and the quality of both her work and advice is excellent. I can highly recommend Val."
"Val has helped me so much to navigate through the world of parenting young children that is so tough in today’s world, helping me to tune out all the noise and the ‘experts’ and to tune into how I really want to be as a parent. Val has also helped me hugely with my postpartum doula business by helping me to identify my strengths and goals and give me the confidence to do the work that I love which is looking after new families."
Val is an inspiration to the large numbers in her parents' tribe. Only recently, Val came to Cork to give a talk to parents in support of Dress for Success Cork. The audience hung on her every word. She is authentic, encouraging, compassionate and has such common sense in her approach to creating a calm, connected family. Val, of course, is also an AC accredited coach and a hugely experienced teacher. And, in the days after I opened Dress for Success Cork, Val's calm and measured presence in my life helped to ground me and guide me through those challenging early days of a start-up.

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