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Are you wanting to develop the soft skills of leadership that can:

  • keep you solid, positive and grounded, when you need it most
  • motivate and inspire your team
  • help you to understand and respond to what your customers / clients want and need
  • inspire you and your team to discover innovative solutions
  • elevate people’s esteem of your business

Are you a leader in your organisation or business, or an SME wanting to better support your team and your clients? Here’s how to deepen your mastery of the soft skills that are essential for perennial business success, because lasting influence is based on how people regard you and your organisation.


“People do business with people they know, like, trust and value.”

Ty Bennett

With these online courses facilitated by Val Mullally, you will discover how to develop positive interactions and relationships of trust with your team members, suppliers, virtual assistants, and your clients / customers. 

Why Better Parenting =

Better Business

The secret that most business leaders don’t realise is that one of the most significant ways to develop the soft skills of business is to develop your Parenting Wisdom.

This matters because learning how to navigate the ups and downs of relationships within the family is the perfect training ground to learn the art of team leadership. When you gain the insights to be the ‘captain of your ship’ who has a happy and contented ‘crew’ within your home, you will discover that those leadership talents will naturally transfer into your work context.  

Successful parenting involves the essential skills of

  • deep listening 
  • conflict resolution 
  • problem solving to create win-win
  • nurturing self-esteem and resilience.

Similarly, when you support your team to raise their children well they also gain the soft skills that are needed to create a great team and satisfied customers. 

And when things are going smoothly at home, it’s much easier for you and your team to be fully present, engaged and innovative at work, and to achieve your desired outcomes.

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