Val Mullally – Speaker

Looking for a speaker for your next event? Val Mullally is available as a Virtual Speaker and as a Motivational Speaker for Live Events, including webinars, keynotes, panel discussions, and interviews. She contributes to magazines, blogs, radio and television.

Val inspires audiences to explore the power of Deep Listening for Effective Communication and Soft Skills for Team Success. Her innovative style weaves together pivotal insights from Relationship Theory, Emotional Intelligence, NLP and Neuroscience, with ground-breaking Transformational Coaching tools.

Val has presented workshops and spoken in conferences in England, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, United States, Belgium, Austria, Estonia, Germany and Poland.

In 2021 Val published her inspirational book that will unlock insights into your potential as a business / organisational leader: ‘Ancient Wisdom for Business Success – How to Lead with Courage, Clarity and Confidence’. If you’d like to book Val for your next event click here.

Workshop Topics

Val Mullally offers face-to-face and online workshops in the soft skills of leadership.

Transform Anxiety into Advantage

Almost every business and organizational leader is aware of stress and anxiety within themselves, the team and society in the current situation. Whether it is yourself, your team or your clients experiencing stress, Val Mullally shares practical insights to transform Anxiety into Advantage, for everyone’s well-being.

How to Develop Your Team’s Emotional Intelligence – the Key to Perennial Success

Every intuitive leader knows that a key element of organisational success is Emotional Intelligence. In this workshop Val Mullally shares the power of Talking Wisely and Listening Deeply, to create the strong network of relationships that will create the safety and trust for effective collaboration and perennial success.

Key Tips for Marketing Success

In writing her book, ‘Discovering the Secrets of Business Success in Ancient Biblical Wisdom’ Val Mullally was intrigued to find powerful, up-to-date advice about Ethical Digital Marketing that will inspire Trust and Confidence in your followers.

How to Solve Sticky Problems – Transformative Team Communication

Ever feel as though you can’t break through – that you and your team are stuck in unhelpful patterns that aren’t creating the results you desire? Val Mullally introduces the concept of ‘sticky problems’ and what is needed for you and your team to bring your vision into reality!

Why Supporting Your Team’s Parenting is a Powerful Way to Raise Your Business Game

Every intuitive leader knows that a key element of Organisational Success is Emotional Intelligence. And wise leaders have figured that one of the best ways to improve Emotional Intelligence is through supporting Parents to raise children well. In this workshop Parenting Expert Val Mullally shares the vison that supporting parents to raise children well naturally raises the bar for more compassionate and effective interaction throughout every level of contact and collaboration in organisations.

If you would like a tailor-made workshop for the specific needs of your orgnaisation, contact Val and she will get directly in touch with you to discuss what you have in mind to motivate and inspire your team or your clients.

Val is also widely known for the Koemba Parenting approach

She is also the author of several parenting books.

The moment Val Mullally stepped on stage at my event she captured the audience's attention. Val has a gift of storytelling and a real passion for people I throughly enjoyed Val talk and would definitely recommend Val if you are looking for an engaging speaker.
Amanda Delaney
We Can and We Will
I would highly recommend Val for a Parenting Webinar, she is full of insight and wisdom and imparts it in a lovely kind manner. She is lovely to work with and helps make the process an easy one from start to finish. I will definitely be calling on her again for more library events.
Fiona O’Toole
Carlow Library Events Coordinator
Val came to Cork to give a talk to parents in support of Dress for Success Cork. The audience hung on her every word. She is authentic, encouraging, compassionate and has such common sense in her approach to creating a calm, connected family.
Carmel O' Keeffe
CEO/Founder Dress for Success Cork