Reflective Practice – Your Professional Support 

Are you a coach, a leader in your field, or working in the caring professions – and looking for a competent, empathetic facilitator who: 

  • works collaboratively with you
  • supports you to pause, notice and reflect on both the joys and frustrations of your work 
  • challenges you to turn potential barriers into stepping stones to create work that is less stressful, more impactful and that delivers results beyond the dreams that you first imagined.

Contact me for a complimentary discussion to explore how working with me as your Reflective Practice Facilitator (also termed Professional SuperVision) can transform your way of being present to yourself and to others. I can help you , to keep your work on TRACK© and to activate your inner wisdom to be the practitioner you’d love to be. 

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What is Reflective Practice?

Professional Reflective Practice helps you to improve the quality of your work, transform your relationships with your team and with clients, and develop yourself and your practice, as well as give attention to your own well-being.

Whilst this is, in some fields, referred to as a ‘Professional Supervision’,  this is not line-management, but a much deeper and more enriching process, enabling you to become a reflexive practitioner, engaging in ongoing personal development, for the benefit of your work, and leading to greater clarity, competence and confidence in your professional role and in your self-fulfilment.

You’ll find that my reflective style provides a calm, psychologically safe, connected and collaborative space for you to creatively reflect on your interactions and presence within your work relationships and  you will experience the potential knock-on effect of this upon the wider, systemic positive impact of your work.

Professional Reflective Practice enables you to view yourself and your work from an objective stance. This  ‘Super-Vision’ can help you to:

–  see what you could not see before

– observe the challenges on your path from a different perspective

–  enable you to transform these insights into transformational learning opportunities. 

Whether you are in in a caring profession, in business or in educationProfessional Reflective Practice at its best will support you to see broader perspectives, deeper implications and wider horizons within the complex elements of your work as a leader in your field.

Working with a skilled and experienced Reflective Supervisor is a valuable element of Continuous Professional Development, helping you to ponder upon what is life asking you to respond to, both in your immediate context and for the world of tomorrow. This approach is not merely something you do, but is a transformative way of seeing and of being, that can significantly impact your well-being, your work satisfaction and the positive impact you make within your work context. 

 Professional Reflective Practice at its finest does not stay within the session but will permeate your life, both now and for the future with clearer insights, and greater wisdom. It is a form of Reflective Enquiry that supports you to bring your innate potential into the world.


“Maximum growth happens at the intersection of support and challenge.”

John Demartini


Attending Reflective Practice (SuperVision) with Val Mulally is empowering, affirming and forward-focused. Val supports me in holding a mirror up to myself and to my practice and then tilting that mirror so that I have the courage and conviction to put my best foot forward, to be the best school leader, coach and advocate I can be.

Caitriona Hand
School Leader and Executive Life Coach
With Val I'm in safe hands - she is both professional and personable, walking alongside me compassionately - I'd highly recommend her.
Rev L Quarmby

Working with Val Mullally as your Reflective Practice Facilitator 

Val offers one-to-one and group Reflective Practice. She works with leaders in schools, business and organisations, especially  those in the caring professions, including coaches and training supervisors. 

She is a Senior Accredited member of the Association for Pastoral Supervision and
Education (APSE).

Val is also an Accredited Coach, registered with the Association of Coaching to offer Supervision to Coaches, and she has many years’ experience as an assessor for Coaching Accreditation. She has also co-presented a webinar series on ‘Reflective Practice’ with the Association for Coaching.