‘In Defence of the Naughty Child – understanding sensory sensitivity’ by Val Mullally and Tanja Jensen (Coming Soon)

What if naughty children aren’t naughty? If you are concerned about the behaviour of your child, who some may label as ‘defiant’ ‘obstinate’, ‘off on their own track’, or zoned out and ‘away with the fairies’, then you will want to read this book. We now have the science to explain the core issue that often lies underneath these challenging behaviours. This book introduces the sensory smart approach – filling this knowledge gap and giving parents practical insights into what might be going on for the child and how to turn distressing situations into positive, learning opportunities for you and your child.

In Defence of the Naughty Child – Understanding Sensory Sensitivity | Val Mullally | TEDxWexford

This book is beautifully crafted and easy to read and understand, while focusing on an extremely important topic.

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About The Authors

Val Mullally

Val Mullally MA passion is to help parents and educators to create psychologically safe environments for children to thrive, so that every child has the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential. She is an international Keynote Speaker, as well as an accredited Coach and Reflective Practice Facilitator. Her first career was in Southern Africa, as a teacher, school principal and an early education trainer. Val’s work has a ‘sensory smart’ approach, focusing on listening to understand and to deepen relationships – integrating insights from emotional intelligence, relationship theory and neuroscience. Val has published several books and online courses. Val has two married sons and three grandchildren. She and her husband live in County Cork, Ireland, in the place where her heart calls home.

Tanja Jensen

Tanja Jensen MSc, currently lives in Denmark and is inspired by the Danish way of parenting. She is the mother of two children who both experience sensory sensitivity and she has walked the path of raising them in a world that has often been overwhelming for them. She has delved deep into the latest research in occupational therapy, child brain development, highly sensitive children and education philosophies. As the founder of a non-profit organisation, Grey Zone Kids, she has found her calling to promoting awareness and understanding of these more sensitive kids and developing optimal environments for them at home and at school. Today, she works in a school and advocates for understanding of children’s sensory needs and neurodiversity. Through her foundation, Grey Zone Kids, Tanja works with change-makers to promote a new pedagogy and education philosophy that encompasses these new understandings.

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