COVID-19 Crisis Can Be Your Awesome Opportunity

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When COVID-19 struck, everything changed. Crisis hit and nothing was ever going to be as it was before. And for every leader in every organisation, for every business owner, there is the question, “What now?”

For many, Initially the shock numbed us. Lockdown made it easy to vegetate in a fog of inertia, zoning out in front of TV, binging on bags of crisps and popcorn.

Or the crisis electrified us into the frenzied action that comes from a state of alarm.

We plunged into agitated reactivity, restlessly consuming every webinar and online conference that waved the seduction of how to prosper, on our shiny computer screens.

Survival was our first goal, whether we consciously processed it or not.

But have you consider that COVID-19 crisis can be your awesome opportunity?

As the weeks wore on and we sensed a glimmer of lockdown easing, we began to edge our way forward, but, for many, it feels like we are wading through a swamp of overwhelm.

“What now?”

The good news is that within every crisis lies opportunity. Some of the most successful companies started within severe economic downturns. Take a look at history and you will see that recessions have proven to be the launchpads for some of the most outstanding businesses. 

3 Examples of Crisis Reinvented into Opportunity

Did you know that:

  • Walt and Roy Disney launched Walt Disney Productions in the Great Depression (They saw people’s need for something that would make them smile) 
  • Apple launched the iPhone in 2007, towards the beginning of the financial crisis (An affordable product when people needed 1000 songs in their pocket)
  • Google and Facebook were fledgling companies when the dot come bubble burst.

There are plenty of examples of massively successful companies who created their opportunity in a time of financial crisis.

If you are an entrepreneur, or a leader in any organisation or business, now is the time to lean into your business. Now is the time to discover your creative advantage, where you can offer your unique contribution – something that people genuinely need.

‘it is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.’

Charles Darwin

Enterpreneur comes from a 13th century French word, meaning ‘to do something’. Yes, this is the time to do something, to break through with the innovative solutions the world needs now. We are the risk-takers, the innovators, who are close enough to the coal-face to see where our communities are struggling. We are the ones who can conceive and create the innovative ideas and breakthrough solutions that our people need right now. In supporting others with the challenges they face, we learn too, and sometimes that naturally leads us to spot the opportunities that others have overlooked. We have the advantage of size, that makes it easier to reassess, to trim costs where needed, and to respond more quickly to what the world needs now. And, as smaller organisations, we have the advantage of flexibility to find fresh ways to collaborate and create.

Now is the time to reframe your thinking and discover the potential that lies hidden within the current situation. Imagine – this COVID-19 crisis can be your awesome opportunity! How will you respond to the question, “What now?”

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