Do you want to create a successful business that you love?
Are you frustrated with businesses that act unethically?
Do you wonder how to transform your passion into profitability, live your life fully and make a difference in the world?

These were the questions that Val Mullally was seeking to answer, when she came across an unexpected source of Wisdom. She started delving into the writings of King Solomon, who was a powerful leader and one of the wealthiest people who has ever lived.

Val figured that if he were so amazingly wealthy, he must have known the secrets of how to create successful business.

What did he know that inspires people around the globe to still read and study his teachings?

That is the focus of Val Mullally’s book ‘Discovering the Secrets of Business Success in Ancient Biblical Wisdom’.

Read this book if you want to:
~ master a mindset of wealth
~ figure out the work you are meant to do
~ deal with information overload and do the work that matters
~ develop your relational skills to create a great team and happy customers
~ become the businessperson who inspires others
~ flourish, even when things don’t go smoothly.


Click here for your copy of the ‘Tree of Wisdom’ diagram, to use alongside reading the book.

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Business Wisdom Circle

Would you love the opportunity to study the principles of this book in more depth, so that you can integrate this wisdom into your own life?
In this exclusive group Val will personally journey with you, so that you can weave the learning from this book into the context of your own business or organisation. This matters because this impacts your well-being, your relationships, your team, your customer interactions, your clear-thinking and ultimately your business success. This Mastermind group is for you, if you want to change your passion into profitability, and
make a difference in the world.

Join the Mastermind Group Coaching with experienced facilitator and author Val Mullally.


A key focus of Val Mullally‘s work is Parenting. She believes that healthy families are the fabric of healthy society, and that supporting parents to raise children well naturally raises the bar for more compassionate and effective interaction throughout every level of contact and collaboration in organisations.

For more about Val’s Parenting resources visit: Koemba